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How This Site Works

How To Buy And Sell Dollars, Pounds, Euros And Other Currencies Online In Nigeria On Naira Black Market

What Is Naira Black Market All About?

Naira Black Market as the name implies is a market place where we trade (exchange) different currencies against the Naira. If you are looking for where to buy or sell foreign currencies in exchange with the Naira, then you are at the right place. NairaBlackMarket is an online market place where currency exchange activities take place. If you have ever gone to a market place in Nigeria before you will see some Aboki guys beckoning on you if you have Dollars to sell. This site operates with that model. Instead of looking for an Aboki to exchange your Dollars for you, simply make a post on here and you will get an exchanger who is close to you. 

How To Carry Out  Your Currency Exchange On This Site

If you are looking at performing either Dollar to Naira currency exchange, Pounds to Naira currency exchange , Euro to Naira or even any other currency exchange, you can perform it on this site. All you have to do is to make a post and set your desired exchange rate. In no time, exchangers within your location will contact you to exchange your currencies with them.

What Are The Steps You Need To Carry Out To Get Started?

In order to start exchanging your currencies at black market rates set by you, all you need to do to start selling your currency at your own aboki exchange rate is to simply carry out the steps below:

✓ Register A Free Account On NairaBlackMarket.Com

✓ Create A Free Ad Requesting To Either Buy Or Sell A Currency.

✓ Set Your Location (This Is Where You Want To Meet Exchangers)

✓ Post Your Free Ad And Wait For Calls From Prospective Exchangers.

To create your first ad on our site, follow here >> Create Ad